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NEWS : BSO-Azad official website is inactive due to constitutional issues within the organisation
admin Posted on 2013/4/1 11:52:11 ( 1697 reads )

Due to constitutional issues within the organisation, the official website will remain inactive till the issues are solved. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. The site will be back once all the constitutional issues within the organisation are solved.

بی ایس او آزاد کے اندر حالیہ آئینی بحران کی وجہ سے بی ایس او آزاد کا آفیشل ویب سائٹ مسائل کے حل تک غیر فعال رہے گا۔

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NEWS : BSO-Azad London zone disolved, next meeting will be held on 25 March
admin Posted on 2013/3/13 16:42:35 ( 1412 reads )

A meeting of BSO-Azad london zone was held in london. The zonal president, Jamal Nasir Baloch, chaired the meeting. The secretary general of BSO-Azad, Sheh Mureed Baloch, was the chief guest of the meeting.

Different agendas were discussed during the meeting but the meeting couldn't be concluded in a positive way. The central leadership of BSO-Azad disolved the London zone. The followup meeting will be held on 25 March.

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NEWS : China and United States are violating UN's charter by supporting Pakistan - BSO-Azad
admin Posted on 2013/3/5 20:53:08 ( 1760 reads )

Baloch Student’s Organization Azaad’s third central committee meeting was held under the Chairmanship of Baloch Khan; a quarterly performance report, organizational matters, national and international political situation and future strategies of the organization were discussed in the meeting. Important decisions were taken to increase the efficiency of the organization and to counter the Pakistani and Iranian aggression with effective revolutionary strategies; moreover important decisions were taken on the crucial national affairs.

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NEWS : Haq Nawaz made history at very young age – BSO-Azad
admin Posted on 2013/2/24 7:46:51 ( 1651 reads )

The spokesman of BSO-Azad has said that the way Sarmachar Haq Nawaz Baloch bravely fought with the occupying forces to defend the camp of Baloch forces is a guiding torch for the whole nation.

Haq Nawaz Baloch was the former president of BSO-Azad noshki zone and a very active member.

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NEWS : Enemy has intensified its Heinous Crimes of Abduction & Kill Policy – BSO-Azad
admin Posted on 2013/2/19 17:25:57 ( 1495 reads )

Translated by Archen

Occupied Balochistan: The central Spokesperson of Baloch Students Organization has said the enemy has brutally killed two sons of Baloch nation and dumped their mutilated bodies in Sarjani area of Karachi. Four months ago, on 22 October 2012, both shaheed Maqbool Baloch and Akhter Baloch were off loaded from a bus and abducted by enemy forces from Gomazi.

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