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NEWS : A massive rally will be organised in Karachi on 10th February 2013
admin Posted on 2013/2/9 5:40:00 ( 471 reads )

The representative of Baloch National Front has said that the Pakistani brutalities are escalating in occupied Balochistan. But the International media and UN have remained criminally silent on this issue.

“The genocide of Baloch nation is in full swing. Pakistani forces recently carried out military operations in Mashkay, Awaran, Makaran, Besima, Kalat, Soorab, Dera Bugti, Mastung, kohlu and various other parts of Balochistan. The BNF will be carrying out a protest rally against the Baloch genocide today on 10th February from Aat chowk Lyari to press club Karachi,” said representative of BNF.

Baloch National Front is an alliance between BSO-Azad and BNM.

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NEWS : Videos of Turbat Rally
admin Posted on 2013/2/4 12:09:11 ( 708 reads )

Videos of Turbat Rally. The Rally was organised by Baloch National Front. BNF is an alliance between Baloch Students Organisatoin - Azad and Baloch National Movement.

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NEWS : February 2013 edition of Monthly Azad
admin Posted on 2013/2/4 10:01:23 ( 642 reads )

February 2013 edition of monthly Azad has been published and it will be available soon.

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NEWS : Thousands, including women & children, rally in Balochistan against media blackout of Baloch Genocide
admin Posted on 2013/2/3 5:55:57 ( 1815 reads )

Rally, organized by BNF, is the largest in turbat’s history. Whole city echoed with “Free Balochistan” slogans.

Massive show of power by Baloch National Front (BNF), an alliance of BSO-Azad and BNM, in Turbat.

Kareema Baloch requested Baloch nation to hold traitors like Akhtar Mengal, Hasil Bizenjo and Malik Baloch accountable.

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NEWS : Delegation of BSO Azad Tump zone visits the camp of disappeared Baloch
admin Posted on 2013/1/24 16:30:00 ( 640 reads )

Enemy can strike any time, in case of death I should be buried wrapped with Independent Balochistan flag: Mama Qadeer

Karachi: The hunger strike camp of families of enforced disappeared Baloch reached to 1054 days. A delegation of BSO Azad Tump zone visited the camp of disappeared Baloch to sympathize with the families and they assured their support. They said the burden we have on our shoulders is for the welfare of our struggle not for individiuals. If any one takes our freedom from us they may but they cannot take away the right of sacrifice from us. Said the spokesman of BSO Azad delegation.

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