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NEWS : 'Freedom cannot be received but achieved'
admin Posted on 2012/2/28 10:06:28 ( 615 reads )

BSO-Azad 8th CC meeting held, Sohaib Mengal appointed as international representative

(Occupied Balochistan) Quetta: Debate on international and regional political changes along with analysis on current affairs were among the main agendas discussed in BSO-Azad's 8th CC meeting. The other addressed issues on the debate table included upcoming change in interests of world powers, tough competition between two regional powers China and India, war on terror, US-Pak relations, US-Taliban talks, Pak-Iran recent bilateral military and economical cooperation and its effect on Baloch national struggle for independence and other issues.

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NEWS : Enemy cannot deter us with his cowardly acts - BSO-Azad
admin Posted on 2012/2/18 12:00:00 ( 499 reads )

The representative of Baloch Students Organisation Azad has said that the murder of Shaheed Sami Mengal's father is continuity of Shaheed Majeed Zehri's father's killing. Abdul Qadir Mengal was targeted the same way as Haji Ramzan Zehri was murdered. Both of these elders were killed because of their family's affiliation with the movement.

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NEWS : BSO-A delegation meets president of LibDem London and Scottish MP.
admin Posted on 2012/2/11 11:26:10 ( 485 reads )

A delegation of Baloch Students Organization (Azad) has met president of Liberal democrat London at party headquarters of LibDem. The delegation, headed by organizer of BSO (Azad) London, met Jonathan fryer, who is president of LibDem London and vice president of Liberal International British Group.

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NEWS : First Anniversary of Comrade Qayyum Baloch.
admin Posted on 2012/2/11 9:40:15 ( 455 reads )

First anniversary of Comrade Qayyum Baloch was observed through out Balochistan. Shutter down strike was observed in Gwadar, the native city of killed BSO (Azad) member.

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NEWS : Baloch National Leader Hyrbyair Marri welcomes US Committee Hearing On Balochistan
admin Posted on 2012/2/8 7:37:18 ( 375 reads )

London: Baloch patriotic leader Hyrbyair Marri has termed an open hearing on Balochistan by the US committee on Foreign Affairs a heartening development. Marri, in a statement, said that the sincere and continuous efforts by Baloch activists have gathered enormous support in America for Balochistan’s independence movement. “We believe that witnesses in the hearing, along with testifying on the grave violations of human rights in Balochistan, will also look into the core reason of present conditions in Balochistan, which is Pakistan’s illegal occupation,” he added.

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