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NEWS : Three Baloch killed in Mastung, BNF calls for strike
admin Posted on 2013/1/18 10:41:31 ( 891 reads )

At least three people have been killed during a raid on a Baloch residential area in Parkano area of Mastung town in Balochistan on Friday.

Pakistan Frontier Corps (F C), which has recently been given a free hand to carry out target operations in Balochistan, conducted the operation. The victims have been identified as Rasheed Shahwani Baloch, Shah Jahan and Saddam; Raseed Baloch reportedly died on the spot whereas Shah Jahan and Saddam were apprehended wounded and allegedly later shot dead in cold-blood.

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NEWS : Pakistani terrorism continues in Mashkay - BSO-Azad
admin Posted on 2013/1/10 16:01:52 ( 816 reads )

The central spokesman of BSO-Azad has said in a statement that the terrorist activities by Pakistani Army are still continued in Mashkay. 21 vehicles of Frontier Corps have yesterday raided Mashkay and abducted Ashraf Baloch, his son Shareef Baloch, and Khuda Baksh Baloch. Later on Khuda Baksh was released, while Ashraf Baloch along with his son are still in the captivity of FC.

The statement further revealed that, the Pakistani forces are destroying the forests in Mashkay and surrounding areas by setting them on fire. Pakistan through it’s terrorism campaign is trying to end the ideology of liberation by targeting the Baloch populace in Balochistan. The recently started operation in Mashkay is still continued and forces are still present in the area, and are continuously targeting the civilians and destroying their properties. In initial phase of operation, forces did the aerial bombardment on civilian population of Mashkay, targeting the women, childrens and elderly persons. Since then the forces are harassing and targeting the local populace on daily basis.

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NEWS : Baloch in London protest against Mashkay operation and asked UK to stop supporting Pakistan
admin Posted on 2012/12/30 13:19:55 ( 824 reads )

The Baloch activists in London organised a protest demonstration outside British Parliament on Friday to condemn the military operation in Mashkay Balochistan.

The Baloch Student Organisation –azad (London) had given the call for protest and the International Voice for Baloch Missing Persons had endorsed it.

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NEWS : International Human Rights Organisations should take notice of Pakistani atrocities in Balochistan: Khalil Baloch
admin Posted on 2012/12/26 16:50:33 ( 575 reads )

The chairman of BNM (Baloch National Movement), Khalil Baloch, has announced a nationwide protest movement, on Tuesday, against Pakistani barbarism and ongiong military offensives in Balochistan.

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NEWS : Looting shops in Awaran exposed the psychological defeat of Pakistani Forces - BSO-Azad
admin Posted on 2012/12/22 13:20:29 ( 786 reads )

The spokesman of BSO-Azad has said in a statement that Pakistani forces along with their instruments and stooges have attacked residents in Awaran Bazar, Teertaj and Bedhi. The forces looted and then set ablaze many shops whereas they also maltreated and abducted many Baloch.

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