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NEWS : Atrocities on Baloch women
admin Posted on 2012/3/21 11:48:14 ( 715 reads )

Atrocities on Baloch women. Nothing can break the determined people of Balochistan.

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NEWS : The Baloch nation will not allow IPI gas pipeline to pass through Balochistan: Hyrbyair Marri
admin Posted on 2012/3/18 7:29:19 ( 594 reads )

London: China’s demonstration of lack of interest in IPI (Iran-Pakistan-India) gas pipeline is a positive step and an illustration that China wants to bring positives changes to its policies with regards to Pakistan. However, other companies including the German Company I.L.F engineering and Russian Gazprom have not cleared their positions, as Pakistan has several times gestured to involve them with the IPI project. We expect the International multination companies not to become a party between Pakistan and the Baloch by spending their wealth in controversial projects in occupied Balochistan. Baloch patriotic leader Hyrbyair Marri has expressed these views, mentioned above, in a statement to media here on Saturday.

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NEWS : BSO-Azad London general body meeting held, Jamal Nasir Baloch elected as President.
admin Posted on 2012/3/14 11:07:53 ( 1551 reads )

Jamal Nasir Baloch chaired general body meeting of BSO-Azad organizing body in London. The International representative and central committee member of BSO-Azad, Sohaib Mengal, was also present during the meeting. The meeting was commenced with the Baloch national anthem.

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NEWS : ISI proxy group threatens the biggest and most active Baloch Student Organisation
admin Posted on 2012/3/10 20:27:40 ( 633 reads )

Occupied Balochistan: A previously unknown group calling itself “Baloch Warna Ittahad(Unity of Baloch Youth) ” has threaten to target kill the activists of BSO-Azad and other pro-liberation Baloch political parties.

The group strongly condemned a TV interview of Sohaib Mengal Baloch, the International representative of Baloch Student Organisation-Azad. Mr Mengal is a student, writer and a political activist who has been constantly writing in support of Baloch freedom movement on social media. The group has also claimed killing three Bugti tribesmen and threaten to target killed activists of Baloch freedom seeking political parties.

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NEWS : Announcement: BSO-A London general body meeting.
admin Posted on 2012/3/6 4:13:24 ( 604 reads )

BSO-Azad London will hold its general body meeting on Saturday, 10th March. Organiser of BSO-A london, Nasir Baloch, will chair the meeting. All members are advised to attend the meeting.

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