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NEWS : We will not withdraw from the just and great cause for which our people have sacrificed - BSO Azad
admin Posted on 2012/3/5 12:10:48 ( 866 reads )

The central spokesperson of BSO-Azad has said that the occupying state of Pakistan has further intensified its brutalities since few days to quash the Baloch struggle for emancipation of its land from the yoke of slavery. Within last two days scores of Baloch have been killed or kidnapped in Quetta, Dera Bugti and Kohistan Marri, aerial bombardment by jets has also been reported in few areas.

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NEWS : Sacrifices of Baloch martyrs are guiding torches for the whole Baloch nation
admin Posted on 2012/3/3 5:50:34 ( 638 reads )

The central spokesperson of BSO Azad has said that the sacrifices of Baloch freedom fighters, Raheem Dad Nichari, Fateh Mohammad Marri and the young political activist Bilal Bangulzai will be written in golden words in Baloch history.

The statement released by Baloch Students Organization – Azad spokesperson further said, “Baloch martyrs have dedicated their whole life for the liberation of Baloch land. The revenge of these deaths rest in the national liberation, equality and peace, which will also be the accomplishment of dreams of Baloch martyrs. The Baloch activists faced the hard conditions with zeal and determination and never withdrew from their just path. These sacrifices are guiding lights for the whole Baloch nation.

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NEWS : 3 murdered, 2 bullet riddled bodies found, while 6 others abducted within 24 hours.
admin Posted on 2012/2/29 17:09:45 ( 698 reads )

Occupied Balochistan: Within last 24 hours, 3 Balochs have been shot dead, 6 Balochs forcefully disappeared while bodies of 2 were recovered from different areas of Balochistan. This seemingly unending wave of violence being committed by Pakistan in Balochistan is being covered by Pakistan’s claims of reconciliation with the Baloch nation, which is struggling against the illegal occupation of their motherland by Pakistan since March 1948.

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NEWS : BSO-Azad forms a new organizing body in London, United Kingdom.
admin Posted on 2012/2/28 10:49:04 ( 740 reads )

Baloch Students Organization-Azad UK organizing body held a senior body meeting. The Central committee member of BSO-Azad Sohaib Mengal was also present during the meeting. The meeting discussed political situation, current conditions and the disciplinary matters of the organization. The old zonal organizing body was dissolved and Nasir Baloch was appointed as new zonal organizer of BSO-Azad UK. Jahangeer Baloch was appointed as the Duty Organizer whereas Nobat Marri, Omran Baluch and Niyaz Zehri as members of the organizing body.

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NEWS : Demolishing Balaach Marri’s house is psychological defeat of enemy. BSO-A
admin Posted on 2012/2/28 10:45:06 ( 503 reads )

BSO-Azad’s International representative, Sohaib Mengal, has said that demolition of Balaach Marri’s vacated house shows psychological defeat of enemy. The enemy is trying to hide its clean defeat through such tactics so that the Baloch nation out of fear accepts the life under slavery.

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