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Balochistan, the homeland of Baloch nation, has always been an attraction for the imperialist, capitalist and colonial powers because of its geo-political importance. Resistance is in Baloch nature; Baloch always fought the outsiders and defeated them. On 13-november-1839 the imperialist forces attacked on Balochistan and in this battle Mir Mehrab Khan and his companions received martyrdom while resisting the British imperial force. After the British succeeded in occupying Balochistan, according to the British “Divide and Rule” policy, they divided Balochistan into three parts by drawing two artificial lines on Baloch soil. By drawing the Goldsmith line they gave western Balochistan to the Persians and northern Balochistan to the Afghanistan by drawing the Durrand line without Baloch consent. After the World War II it was not possible for Britain to stay as a colonizer in Asia and face the resistance by Balochs and the other nations. On 11 August 1947 Balochistan’s independence was officially announced. However, after 8 months and 15days of enjoying its freedom, on 17-march-1948 Balochistan was occupied again by the newborn theocratic state of Pakistan.

Since then Pakistan is plundering and looting Balochistan. Balochistan is blessed with unexplored natural resources that have potential to serve whole region. Geological survey proved that Balochistan is rich in minerals like, Metallic minerals, Aluminum, Chromium, Copper 2inc, Gold, Iron, platinum and Uranium. Nonmetallic minerals: arealum, asbestos, barites, Fluorspar, Gypsum, limestone and dolomite.

Industrial minerals: these minerals are nonmetallic and not as glamorous as metals ores but have good economic value. Use of industries minerals is essential for the production of the metals. Abrasive minerals used in different industries for grinding, cutting, boring, sharpening, buffing and polishing. Those found in Balochistan include Garnet, Pumice, perlite and Basalt.

• Chemical Minerals: Common Salt, Borax, Borate, Carbonate sulphate and sulphur
• Fertilizer minerals: Potassium, Nitrate, phosphate and magnesium
• Paint and pigment minerals: Talc (soap stone) and ochr

Despite being extremely rich in natural resources Balochistan is still left in stone age because Pakistan is looting and plundering its resources without Baloch consent and fully enjoying the benefit of baloch wealth.

Take the example of gas fields in Balochistan. Sui gas field is the biggest natural gas field in Balochistan. It is located in Sui District Dera Bugti Balochistan; the gas field was discovered in the late 1952. Pakistan did not wait to loot Baloch resources and commercial exploitation of the field shortly after began in 1955. The Sui gas is the single largest source of energy supply for industries, power generation, agriculture, commerce and domestic use the cities, town and many of the villages in Pakistan enjoy the benefits of the natural gas, which is produced in Balochistan. According to Dr.Juma khan marri’s article 80% Pakistani exports were impossible without Balochistan minerals resources like gas and coal because no industries can run without power.

Pakistan only had 300 industrial plants in all before the discovery of Gas reservoirs in Sui but now in Punjab alone there are 35,ooo industries running on gas. 17 big and small brick baking plants are using coal extracted from mines in Balochistan. This industrial and agricultural revolution was possible only because of free flow of energy resources from occupied Balochistan’s gas and coal mines.

Karachi and other cities in Sindh and KPK are having another estimated 35,000 industrial plants running on gas, they include power generations, metallurgy, pharmacology and building construction. Garment industries flourished because of free gas from Balochistan, Punjab alone have 50,000 such small and medium size industries.

Pakistan is particularly heavily dependent on Balochistan’s natural gas for its energy needs. Balochistan is the fuel of Pakistan national economy and Pakistan saves billion dollars in foreign exchange in terms of energy import, but nearly 97% of Balochistan population lives without gas supply. The unavailability of gas forces local people to cut trees from already endangered forests of Balochistan for household purposes. The smoke and ashes from firewood causes eye infection and skin diseases.

78% of Balochistan lives without electricity and 62% lives without safe drinking water. Just 3.4% of the inhabitants are gas consumers compared to 64 % in Punjab, which happens to produce only 4.7% inferior quality of gas. The royalty for gas in Balochistan is based on wellhead value and not the market value whereas Punjab is paid at market value. Baloch are paid a royalty of a meager 47 rupees per cubic foot for their superior quality gas, while the royalty for Punjab’s gas is paid at 222 rupees per cubic foot for their inferior quality gas. Even this meager royalty, which accounts to 1.4 billion annually, is not being paid regularly to Balochistan. The federation owes Balochistan a sum of rupees 1 trillion on account of royalty since 1953.

Pakistan wants Baloch to believe that it is going to develop Balochistan, but it is crystal clear that Pakistan is an occupier that will loot our resources and our land and in return gives us slavery, misery, poverty, exploration and tribal conflicts. Pakistan wants to build military cantonment to oppress us once and for all. As long as there are true sons of soil, this evil desire of Pakistan will never come true.

These were some examples mentioned above that how Pakistan is looting our homeland resources but our demand is not the revenues or the other facilities, which Punjab is enjoying. Our demand is absolute Independence of Balochistan.

Our Responsibilities: it’s not only our right to defend our motherland and prevent colonial power Pakistan to loot our resources, but it’s also our duty despite repression and torture by the Pakistan army, its frontier crop and the inter-service (ISI) the freedom fighters have managed to steady weaken the hold of the Pakistani security forces and intelligence in their homeland and challenge the attempts of the Pakistani authorities to deprive the Balochs of their natural resources such as the sui gas which were being diverted for the benefit of Punjabis.

Baloch freedom fighters continue to sabotage economic infrastructure, including gas pipelines. These attacks focus on targeting the economic interests of the occupier. The blowing of pipelines by freedom fighter can effects $7 billion exports and it will give negative impact in employment, exports and revenue collection. Delegation of Pakistan denim manufacturers and exporters association (PDMEA) has told federal adviser on textile that Pakistan will lose export orders worth $7billion in next six months on account of closer of textile units due to gas supply, chairman PTMA Mosin Aziz feared that textile sector exports have dropped by over 30% in 2011-2012 due to gas (energy) shortage in the Pakistan. This article doesn’t content all the information, there are more resources being looted by Pakistan.

Every human being has the right of freedom every Baloch should take part in Baloch struggle, and support Baloch freedom fighter in every aspect: physically, financially, politically and morally


Mahdem Baloch is a Baloch student residing in gulf. Sagaar is thankful to her for sharing her piece with us.

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