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Before Baloch Students Organization – Azad (BSO-A) came into being, it was Baloch Students Organization (BSO) and was under the influence of parliamentarians. The parliamentarians had managed to influence the organization in many ways.

The members of the organization were used only for accumulating votes for the leadership, in return the workers used to seek employments and other facilities, for these facilities they used to do any work for the leadership (parliamentarians) not doing any impressive work for the mass, but organizing stages the activists were like salesmen or any other promoters, promoting the lies of the parliamentarians. They were not obligated in discipline; they were merely united within themselves. They had no objectives and they were active only when the elections were close. It is not wrong to call them a pocket organization.

The person observed the crisis of this organization was non-other than Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch, Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch along with his friends made a decision to stop this destruction of the Baloch youth; they brought a revolutionary change in the organization when they declared not to join these parliamentarians and support objectives.
To support Baloch freedom fighters, to struggle for the independence of Balochistan and No-Pakistani parliamentarian politics.

They introduced BSO-AZAD to Baloch people. they were students themselves at that time, they were financially weak and least funded organization and with many other weak points, they still worked very hard, days and nights for the truth, for the Baloch national cause. They toured every corner of Balochistan with their hard work and honesty.

It was clear to the people of that BSO-AZAD is a threat to the parliamentarians, so they were opposed in every meeting of NP and BNP (M) and some of the worker of BSO-AZAD even received threats from these parliamentarians, like Fida Shaheed who was martyred by these parliamentarians (agents) but the students of BSO-AZAD were ready to sacrifice their lives for the true cause. They were violated everywhere and also beaten up in their own hostel.

They were few in number when they started the struggle but their morality was very high and that’s the reason they got many supporters from the people they were effectively active in their struggle.

Press conferences, public meetings were their factors to reach their voice to the people of Balochistan not any other organization or party did pamphlets like BSO-AZAD they started study circles, published books (sagaar) to highlight their vision, the first aim was to educate the Baloch youth to bring awareness in the society, they obviously succeeded to gather the people to stand against these parliamentarians.

Before BSO-AZAD women were only housewives nothing more than that, but BSO-AZAD brought an enormous change in the society, women started to join the organization.

The organization raised awareness in every house of Balochistan, Baloch mothers and sisters were being impressed by BSO-AZAD women activities in every seminar and rallies women joined their efforts of spreading the messages of independence Balochistan reached in every house.

BSO-AZAD ideology was being accepted by the society and its objectives were clear to the Baloch people. They were not hypocrite like the parliamentarians. They openly demanded the freedom of Balochistan and openly supported those who were struggling for the independence of Balochistan.

There was a big military operation in Makuran but BSO-AZAD with the help of the Baloch men and women including children blocked the paths of Pakistani forces’ convoys.
Pakistani education was imposed on Balochs to abolish Baloch history/culture and language and strengthen her grip on Baloch land. The effort of BSO-AZAD to clarify Baloch youths about Pakistan's fake history and educate about Baloch identity and successfully they eradicated Pakistan's education from Baloch society.

There have always been conflicts against BSO-AZAD, the NP/BNP (M) paid agents started propaganda against BSO-AZAD, they tried their scheme to intimidate Baloch society from demanding independent Balochistan, saying like Pakistan is a strong state, it's impossible to gain freedom they presented BSO-AZAD as fanatics, fundamentals and many other names, they were seeing BSO-AZAD as a threat to their scheme. NP, BNP (M) tries to convene people to accept Pakistani's oppression. So that Balochs stay in Pakistan without any resistance and follow the NP, BNP (M) (parliamentarians). The parliamentarians were enjoying the occupier given facilities and not willing to abandon those facilities. The NP members tried everything to threaten BSO-AZAD activists. They tried to frighten their family members by showing a list of their relatives who was BSO-AZAD activists that they will inform the secret agencies about their activities.

BSO-AZAD operated politically and theoretically in Baloch society to highlight the Baloch national struggle.

BNP (M) leaders used their tribal sources to frighten BSO-AZAD middle class workers by tribal chiefs (Sardars) to discontinue working against parliamentarians, BNP (M) activists with Pakistani support using the hostels, beating BSO-AZAD activists forcing them to leave their political activities, disrespecting them whenever and wherever they used to see them.

The tribal chiefs (Sardars) are the major agents of ISI, they are not only active as informants but also associates in the killing of Baloch youths, these Sardars are ready to eliminate any one who demand independence, even their own colleagues. Despite all these endangerments BSO-AZAD in a revolutionary way carried on the freedom struggle and are still successfully struggling toward the national cause i.e. the freedom of Balochistan and their aim is clear they will continue the struggle till the freedom of Balochistan.

Council session of BSO-AZAD

The organization, psychologically crushed the occupier Pakistan when announced the date and location where the council session took place, in these circumstances when Pakistan security agencies are assassinating Baloch intellectuals, every pro-freedom organization are being watched by the informers, it shows the intelligence of the leadership of BSO-AZAD, how systematically are leading the organization and the activists efforts are revolutionary, Baloch nation is fortunate to have such an revolutionary organization today.

BSO-AZAD is not only active internally but also helping the diaspora to unite the Baloch youth has already built its structure in Norway, England, Europe, Australia and also in Gulf countries.

After question from all over were being raised against the foundation of BSO- Azad (Gulf), I thought very carefully about this and also discussed it with many of my friends and colleagues about BSO-AZAD Gulf zone, we reached at this conclusion that BSO-AZAD never took a step that damaged the national struggle and their policies are obliged to the national struggle, whenever BSO-AZAD brought an idea for the Baloch national struggle it successfully influenced the struggle in a positive way. Bringing the Baloch women in national struggle to aware Baloch mother and sisters politically is a remarkable decision by BSO-AZAD.

BSO-AZAD sacrifices are noteworthy, more than one hundred activists of BSO-AZAD have sacrificed their lives without hesitation and thousands of them are held in torture cells like Zakir Majeed, bearing all these inhuman tortures for the Independent Balochistan.

I request all the Balochs living in ulf not to create hurdles for the activists and not to create conflicts, because it’s the organization of martyrs.

Revolution Revolution ti

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