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Articles - English : Baloch have nothing to lose but their chains - Nobat Marri
admin Posted on 2012/7/22 7:29:39 ( 886 reads )

The Communists openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions. “Let the ruling classes tremble at a Communistic revolution. The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win.”

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Articles - English : The Role Of Women In Baloch National Struggle - Mahdem Baloch
admin Posted on 2012/7/21 6:22:08 ( 1969 reads )

Men and Women have physical and psychological difference between them. My intensions are not to devalue men, but to show the equality of women and men. It is true men are physically stronger than women by nature; they are usually more aggressive and externally oriented. In contrast a woman usually embodies the ideal of inner dignity. Some people confuse such subtlety with weakness; in truth it is stronger than the most aggressive physical force imaginable. True human dignity does not shouts it is stronger, steady voice that speaks from within. The nature of a man while aggressive is not brutish, for man and woman to be complete them each possess both energies.

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Articles - English : Books that all Baloch Students should read.
admin Posted on 2012/7/13 12:09:15 ( 1025 reads )

The Baloch struggle for national liberation and reinstatement of free Baloch state has advanced in many regards. The recent sudden boom in international awareness about Baloch cause along with many encouragements has also exposed a giant lack of knowledge about International politics among the Baloch activists. The reasons for this are enormous and, which if argued, can form a wholesome research paper or a complete book in itself.

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Articles - English : The land of Baloch and its resources - Mahdem Baloch
admin Posted on 2012/7/12 16:18:43 ( 1501 reads )

Balochistan, the homeland of Baloch nation, has always been an attraction for the imperialist, capitalist and colonial powers because of its geo-political importance. Resistance is in Baloch nature; Baloch always fought the outsiders and defeated them. On 13-november-1839 the imperialist forces attacked on Balochistan and in this battle Mir Mehrab Khan and his companions received martyrdom while resisting the British imperial force. After the British succeeded in occupying Balochistan, according to the British “Divide and Rule” policy, they divided Balochistan into three parts by drawing two artificial lines on Baloch soil. By drawing the Goldsmith line they gave western Balochistan to the Persians and northern Balochistan to the Afghanistan by drawing the Durrand line without Baloch consent. After the World War II it was not possible for Britain to stay as a colonizer in Asia and face the resistance by Balochs and the other nations. On 11 August 1947 Balochistan’s independence was officially announced. However, after 8 months and 15days of enjoying its freedom, on 17-march-1948 Balochistan was occupied again by the newborn theocratic state of Pakistan.

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Articles - English : A mere ritual — Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur
admin Posted on 2012/7/8 12:19:47 ( 512 reads )

The provincial government openly admits that they have no say in the affairs and the FC runs a parallel government in Balochistan

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