Aims & Objectives


Aims and Objectives of The Baloch Students Organization - Azad


To Struggle for the Baloch national liberation and for the restoration of independent and sovereign Baloch national state.

To unify Baloch students on one platform and in a disciplined and effective democratic political movement as a part of a broader struggle for emancipation of Baloch nation from illegal occupation.

To bring national consciousness and self-reliance in Baloch students and youth, to avert them from drug addiction, idleness and other social ailments.

To spearhead, as integral core component of our democratic national struggle, the publication, circulation and promotion of our national languages, Balochi and Brauhi language.

To encourage rational and critical thinking among Baloch students, empowering them to employ scientific methods in assessment and examination of their actions, beliefs and plans.

To educate Baloch students objectively in history, civilization, music, culture of Balochistan.

To stand firm against tribal, feudal, religious and racial sectarianism  -  To nurture free thinking, open-minded, responsible and conscientious leadership to lead Balochistan liberation movement and beyond

To contact and cooperate with other likeminded international progressive students associations and organizations

To enrich the Baloch political struggle, society, languages, culture, music, literature and moral and ethical values by introducing other civilizations to Baloch people and vice versa. 

To establish a close link with underprivileged social groups in Balochistan i.e. the working class, fisherman, peasants, youths, women, and minority groups.

To support human rights and international peace throughout  the world - Supporting all democratic struggles for equality, social justice, and democracy – Standing side by side those everywhere who rise up against all oppressive totalitarian systems be colonialism, racism, sexism, fascism or theocratism.  


Code of Ethics

B.S.O is a democratic organization. It adheres to the principle of equal opportunity and equal rights for women and men.  

B.S.O is an independent organization and has no affiliation to any other political party or group.

Organization independence means:

All decision about the organisation and its policies will be made by the members of the organization. External pressure in this regard will not be acceptable.

The organization will not rely for assistance on another party it will rely on its resources that are donated by its members.

Organization will not play the role of spokesperson for any other party.  Members shall not recite / publish / propagate the views of any other party.

Members are also not allowed to assist matters concerning organizational structure of any other party.

The general policies of B.S.O shall be formulated democratically in the organisation annual congress when all representatives of the organisation will bring the views, suggestions and criticisms of all members and after sufficient debates and discussion the general policies and guiding principles of the organisation will be formulated.

Central committee is responsible for implementation of these policies.

On matters that require immediate response the central committee has the authority to form policy response within broad boundaries that are set out by the organisation codes and constitution.



Any Baloch Student who agrees with the aims and objectives of organization, by filling up the membership form and paying the membership fee can be a member of the organization.

Any member of B.S.O cannot be a member of any other organization.

Every member will have all the rights and privileges of organization and must follow the rules and regulations of the organisation.

If any member violates the basic aims and objectives and moral codes of organization his/her membership will be terminated. In such circumstances the zonal general body will have the authority to recommend to chairman against him / her.  The decision to terminate someone’s membership will be decided by central committee's two third majorities.

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