NEWS : Looting shops in Awaran exposed the psychological defeat of Pakistani Forces - BSO-Azad
Posted by admin on 2012/12/22 13:20:29 ( 786 reads )

The spokesman of BSO-Azad has said in a statement that Pakistani forces along with their instruments and stooges have attacked residents in Awaran Bazar, Teertaj and Bedhi. The forces looted and then set ablaze many shops whereas they also maltreated and abducted many Baloch.

“Pakistani forces stormed the main Awaran Bazar and abducted Zareef Baloch, Hameed Baloch, Asadullah Baloch, Raheem Bakhsh Baloch, Mumtaz Baloch and many others. The forces then terrorized the whole area by firing in the air for long. They also looted many shops including a Medical store and then burnt them up,” said the spokesman.

The spokesman further said that frightened of the successful liberation struggle the Pakistani forces are targeting the local population and their properties. The forces are trying to scare the localities so that they abandon the struggle for emancipation. But Pakistan must know that the consciousness that has been engrained in the minds of Baloch nation is due to the tireless efforts and sacrifices of Baloch activists and it cannot be ejected with such brutal tactics. In fact such acts of Pakistani forces expose their psychological defeat.

“The Pakistani forces are trying to terrorize the Baloch nation with inhumane and terrorizing acts But the Baloch nation is strong and conscious enough to counter such acts,” said the BSO-Azad spokesperson.

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