NEWS : Baloch in London protest against Mashkay operation and asked UK to stop supporting Pakistan
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The Baloch activists in London organised a protest demonstration outside British Parliament on Friday to condemn the military operation in Mashkay Balochistan.

The Baloch Student Organisation –azad (London) had given the call for protest and the International Voice for Baloch Missing Persons had endorsed it.

The participants of the protest were carrying placards demanding to stop military operations in Balochistan. They urged the British government and the international community to break their silence on the ongoing Pakistani atrocities in Balochistan.

The protestors also urged the UK government to stop supporting Pakistan which, according them, was involved in crime against humanity.

Hamdan Baloch, an activist of BSO-Azad (London), said, “The aid the Pakistani gets from UK, America and rest of the world to fight against extremism is being used against Baloch liberation struggle. Pakistan is bombing civilian populated areas across Balochistan due which several innocent Baloch including women and children have been killed.”

He further said the military operation which started in Mashkay on 25 December is continuation of the ongiong military offensives in all over Balochistan. “Paskistani military besieged the Mashkay region of Awaran, Balochistan and started a house-to-house search. During the so called search operation women and children were beaten up and harassed.” He further added, “Houses of Dr Allah Nazar Baloch and his relatives were bombed in Mehi village in Awaran. Several houses were also reportedly destroyed with dynamites – due which the houses were burnt to ashes.”

He said media and paramedics were not allowed in the affected areas to help the injured people and independently report about the situation. “The entire population is stranded and the injured, which included aged women and children are not being provided with any medication,” said Hamdan Baloch.

Full text of Hamdan Baloch's speech: We are gathered here today to raise awareness about the military operation in Balochistan, especially Mashkay in Awaran district.

We were saddened to hear on Tuesday that during the operation several houses were set on fire and Dr's village Mehi was completely destroyed, Gunship helicopters were firing upon the civilian. Pakistani forces also abducted number of people from the area including brother-in-law of Allah nazar, Shah Baig Baloch and Naeem Baloch in addition Dr's elderly mother was injured due to heavy bombardment.

The day of operation was specifically selected to be 25th Dec, so that entire country is unaware of the operation as they were celebrating their Christmas, India - Pakistan cricket match and Mr Jinnah's birthday.

It's a shame that international media is not highlighting barbarism of Pakistani agencies in Balochistan, but the killing of a soldier in Afghanistan is the headline of the day and If they claim Balochistan is a battleground for them to cover the news, so does Afghanistan, then why Baloch are being victim of ignorance?

I personally don't think our demand for intervention in Baluchistan is interpreted clearly to UN. Intervention for what? Against military operation, kill and dumping of the people or for the missing persons? We have to realise that even if UN intervenes and forces Pakistan to release the missing persons, then what? Pakistan's atrocities in Balochistan will start again as soon as UN leaves, therefore we urge the UN for humanitarian intervention to solve the issue once and for all by taking action against Pakistan and declaring Baluchistan as an independent state.

America should acknowledge that religious terrorist groups are the branches of Pakistani army, causing disruption in the region, and if the world is serious of getting rid terrorism from the earth then, instead cutting the branches they should focus the on roots of the problem.

We all have to stand under a large flag instead of individual small flags, by this I mean working on such principles which are beneficial for the nation rather than personal gain and this is essential. Let me portray this in a simple analogy. When a large group is standing under a heavy rain, they have two options either open a large umbrella so that everyone comes under it or they can choose to open individually small umbrellas but by doing so, you would realise that the drops of water make its way through the gaps between the umbrellas.

One another thing I would like to mention is that just by saying nothing can be achieved unless acted upon them, for example in a protest everyone's lips are moving but that does not mean they're all chanting therefore along with moving lips sound should make their way out in order voice to be heard.

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