NEWS : Enemy has intensified its Heinous Crimes of Abduction & Kill Policy – BSO-Azad
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Translated by Archen

Occupied Balochistan: The central Spokesperson of Baloch Students Organization has said the enemy has brutally killed two sons of Baloch nation and dumped their mutilated bodies in Sarjani area of Karachi. Four months ago, on 22 October 2012, both shaheed Maqbool Baloch and Akhter Baloch were off loaded from a bus and abducted by enemy forces from Gomazi.

On January 31st 2013 the mutilated dead bodies of Haroon Baloch and Raza were also founded dumped on a deserted street of the same area of Sarjani town of Karachi. Both were abducted from coastal town of Pishkaan, Gwadar city.

Previously Adnan Baloch’s mutilated dead body was also recoverd from Malir area of Karachi city.

The statement says that the enemy has intensified the persuasion of its heinous crimes of abduction and killing policy across Balochistan against Baloch nation.
On January 16th, 2013, sixteen people were abducted from Mand sub district. And a week ago, the Pakistani army abducted sixty persons from Quetta city.

A few days back, with the help of state hired local police and thugs, the army raided the houses of innocent people in Kharan and abducted three persons, among them were Khalid Baloch and Maqbool Baloch who are both still missing. During the illegal raids of houses in Kharan, the occupying forces looted more than twenty million worth of valuables from houses that include motorbikes, gold jewelleries and currency.

“In order to pave the way of election in Balochistan, Pakistani state terrorism acts are constantly expanding across Balochistan with the help of local thugs and drug mafia,” said the representative of BSO-Azad. “With the help of International imperialist forces, particularly China, Pakistan is using every dirty method to subjugate Baloch national struggle for freedom. To distort the positive attitude of international opinion about secular Baloch national struggle for freedom, Pakistan has committed the genocide of innocent Hazara people with the help of religious thugs and fanatics.”

The spokesperson further said that world powers including America, China and Iran are the main countries aiding Pakistan, despite knowing the fact that Pakistan is committing heinous crime of Baloch genocide in Balochistan.

Given the immense importance of Balochistan, China has started a new phase of Pakistan love so that it could exploit its strategic importance and natural wealth. China’s effort to have access to Gwadar Port City is an attempt to assert its power in the region. In order to fulfil its vested interest China is bankrolling Pakistan to intensify Baloch genocide so that their resistance is crushed

Despite the tall claims of freedom support and human rights advocacy, America is still supporting Pakistani terrorism and observing a silence over Pakistani transgression of international laws regarding human rights abuses in Balochistan.

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