NEWS : China and United States are violating UN's charter by supporting Pakistan - BSO-Azad
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Baloch Student’s Organization Azaad’s third central committee meeting was held under the Chairmanship of Baloch Khan; a quarterly performance report, organizational matters, national and international political situation and future strategies of the organization were discussed in the meeting. Important decisions were taken to increase the efficiency of the organization and to counter the Pakistani and Iranian aggression with effective revolutionary strategies; moreover important decisions were taken on the crucial national affairs.

The importance of the organizations for the Baloch national independence was reemphasized and it was decided to continue unconditional support for all such organizations; it was affirmed that the objectives and charters of all such organizations are viewed with equal respect and value by BSO-Azad. BSO-Azad decided to struggle for bringing all the organizations working for national freedom together and creating a united front; the awareness campaign against the Pakistan’s parliamentary parties would be intensified to create an intellectual consent among Balochs to not to take part in the Pakistan’s elections, to make the plans of Pakistan and its allies unsuccessful in Balochistan and to try to bring the attention of the international community towards Baloch issue.

The decision taken in the year 2010 to hold a national remembrance day on 13th of November every year for the people who have sacrificed their lives for the national cause was decided to be continued and it was decided to hold references by the end of every month to revive the thoughts that the people sacrificing their lives for the nation had.

It was stressed that members should not bring the internal organizational issues on social media and rather use the democratic setting of the organization to bring forwards their grievances and find a political solution for any problem they face in the organization with the help of discussions and debates, and to avoid creating chaotic situations in the organization; it was also stressed that the members should play an effective role in the organization to make the aspirations come true, of the people who are missing and been murdered for the national cause.

Discussing the international political scenario, it was mutually agreed that International powers have their eyes on Balochistan due to its geopolitical importance and national resources, and they are making deals with Pakistan and Iran to further extend the occupation of Balochistan and loot the Baloch resources; to do so they are employing inhumane and exploitative tactics. United States and China, by providing military and financial resources to Pakistan have also become a part of the attempts to crush Baloch movement; they are violating United Nation’s charter by supporting Pakistan even after knowing its interior and foreign policies of terrorism.

The committee said that Baloch well understand that in International politics, no one has “loyal” friendships and prolonging hatred and the policies of International powers are rarely in the favor of the oppressed, and to come out of this oppressed state, Baloch political organizations and leaders will have to employ effective strategies and will have to struggle in an organized way so that the neocolonialist and imperialists are made unsuccessful in their plans of oppression and only humanity prevails.

It was emphasized that Balochs should rely on their own strategies and organizations rather than depending on the International powers and it is through appropriate decisions and steps, will the Baloch be able to regain its independence.

The committee stressed that if a united front was not made to take the movement further then the occupiers would take benefit of the situation and increase its aggression towards the Baloch people and we won’t be even be able to bring the International pro humanity organizations and people towards the legitimate plight of the Baloch. The committee further emphasized that if minor political differences were not solved then Baloch would lose the support of the masses and the international pro justice societies, and all the problems faced by Baloch organizations can be solved by creating strong institutions for the welfare of Baloch nation, an Independent Balochistan and a brighter Baloch future.

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