NEWS : 'Freedom cannot be received but achieved'
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BSO-Azad 8th CC meeting held, Sohaib Mengal appointed as international representative

(Occupied Balochistan) Quetta: Debate on international and regional political changes along with analysis on current affairs were among the main agendas discussed in BSO-Azad's 8th CC meeting. The other addressed issues on the debate table included upcoming change in interests of world powers, tough competition between two regional powers China and India, war on terror, US-Pak relations, US-Taliban talks, Pak-Iran recent bilateral military and economical cooperation and its effect on Baloch national struggle for independence and other issues.

In other important decisions, the meeting appointed young Baloch activist Sohaib Mengal as their international representative and also one of the CC members of the student's organization.

The meeting focused on Baloch national liberation struggle by agreeing that no freedom achieving nations around the world have been spared from the price of sacrifice in their freedom movements. Baloch people are suffering from worse human rights violations in their own land and the atrocities being committed against them are nothing less than a massacre or a systematic genocide, the meeting said.

In a remarkable argument, one of the young debaters referring to Baloch struggle said 'Freedom cannot be received (without sacrifices) but achieved.' The students also discussed on how independent Balochistan could play a key role in bringing peace in region and maintaining stability.

- For the record, since July 2010, more than 400 bullet-riddled bodies of Baloch activists -- abducted by Pakistan army -- were dumped along roadsides allover Balochistan out of which 100+ were affiliated with BSO-Azad.

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