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NEWS : Shutter-down strike will be observed tomorrow against Kalat operation - BNF
admin Posted on 2013/2/19 7:44:10 ( 964 reads )

Baloch National Front has given a shutter-down strike call tomorrow throughout Balochistan against the military operation in Kalat and Kharan.

It must be remembered that Pakistani forces have started a brutal military operation in suburbs of Kalat and Kharan since last night. Huge number of military presence aided with Helicopters was seen in Parod, Somalo, Nemargh, Dash-e-Goran and Lijje area.

There are reports that at least 8 Baloch have been seriously injured due to indiscriminate bombardment on civilian populace.

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NEWS : Media boycott campaign has attained unprecedented popularity among public - BNF
admin Posted on 2013/2/17 14:37:30 ( 684 reads )

In a press statement, Baloch National Front has said the media boycott campaign, that started a week ago, against Pakistani media silence towards gross human rights violations in Balochistan, has attained unprecedented popularity among public, despite the fact that the occupying state has unleashed ceaseless terrorism in Balochistan.

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NEWS : The media boycott will continue – BNF
admin Posted on 2013/2/14 13:28:47 ( 734 reads )

The representative of Baloch National Front has said that the boycott of Pakistani media channels would continue.

“The Pakistani media is as much guilty as Pakistani forces are in Baloch genocide. The media is an aid to Pakistani Army by hiding Baloch genocide from the world. Pakistani media remained criminally silent during brutal military operations in Mastung, Mashkay, Awaraan, Dera Bugti and Mangochar,” said the representative of BNF.

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NEWS : Baloch rally in Karachi against media blackout
admin Posted on 2013/2/11 12:47:57 ( 675 reads )

The rally called for UN intervention in Balochistan and urged the international media to break their ‘criminal silence’ on Pakistani state atrocities in Balochistan.

Large numbers of Baloch women, children, and elders participated in a precession against military operations in Balochistan and media’s failure to report about Baloch genocide by Pakistan. The rally set off from Ath Chowk in Lyari, also known as Nawab Bugti Chowk, and marched all the way to Karachi Press Club. The Baloch National Front, an alliance of BSO-Azad and BNM, had given the call for the rally.

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NEWS : BNF Boycotts and bans Pakistani electronic media in Balochistan
admin Posted on 2013/2/11 7:41:26 ( 802 reads )

Baloch National Front announced to boycott all Pakistani electronic media channels including Baloch TV VSH in Balochistan due to the intentional censoring of Baloch Genocide by these channels.

The spokesman of BNF said that the behavior of Pakistani media channels in Balochistan is very negative and the channels have continuously been acting as the mouthpieces of Pakistani Army.

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