BNF Boycotts and bans Pakistani electronic media in Balochistan

Date 2013/2/11 7:41:26 | Topic: NEWS

Baloch National Front announced to boycott all Pakistani electronic media channels including Baloch TV VSH in Balochistan due to the intentional censoring of Baloch Genocide by these channels.

The spokesman of BNF said that the behavior of Pakistani media channels in Balochistan is very negative and the channels have continuously been acting as the mouthpieces of Pakistani Army.
“Pakistani channels didn’t report the magnificent protest by BNF in Karachi, which shows the true intentions of Pakistani media,” said the representative of alliance between BSO-A and BNM, ”The Balochi TV channel, VSH TV, also failed to do the coverage of protest rally by BNF.”

The representative further said that the media channels did not only conceal the brutal military operations in Mashkay, Gehbon, Mastung and other parts of Balochistan but also acted as the representatives of Pakistani forces.

“Due to this negative role of Pakistani media channels the BNF has come to the decision that all Pakistani media channels including VSH TV will be banned in Balochistan for unspecified period of time,” said BNF representative.

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